Grid algorithms, with returns starting at 25% per month

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Grid trading algorithms are based on software code that automatically makes decisions based on predefined rules. This eliminates the emotional factors associated with trading and eliminates human error, which is especially important in volatile market conditions.

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Algorithms are able to react to market changes within fractions of a second, which makes it possible to execute trades instantly. This avoids missed opportunities and reduces the risks associated with price changes.

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Grid algorithms can break large orders into smaller orders, optimizing execution and minimizing the impact of trades on market prices. This is especially important when trading large volumes.

Automate trading using advanced AI algorithms

Use auto-investing to gradually build up your portfolio with regular purchases of assets and products of the system. Get additional bonuses, increase passive income and connect automated cryptocurrency accumulation.
Give up daily monitoring and hand over this function to our team - full involvement in the process and interest in the overall profit ensures the interests of each party.
Yield Automated Portfolios
Monthly rebalancing

Reduced risks.

Choose deposits with floating maturity to preserve assets in case of any market movements.
hodl and earn


Customize a personalized portfolio plan for yourself including purchase regularity, cryptocurrency type, and percentage allocation.
passive crypto income

Easy Management

User-friendly interface to interact with crypto assets and manage the portfolio in the user's personal wallet.
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Bitcoin (BTC)
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Ethereum (ETH)
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Tether (USDT)
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Near Protocol (NEAR)
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Axie Infinity (AXS)
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Binance coin (BNB)
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Avalanche (AVAX)
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Polka DOT (DOT)
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Affordable liquidity farming
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Low risk
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Medium reward

DeFi Cargio

Proprietary DeFi farming allows participation in decentralized projects. Automated system enables trades and other complex tasks.
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~ 16,5% per month
low risk
Medium risk
medium reward
Hight reward

Dual Investment

This is an investment strategy that involves simultaneously investing in two different currencies in order to reduce risk and protect against currency market volatility. This approach allows investors to diversify their portfolio, minimizing potential losses associated with currency fluctuations courses. Allows you to hedge risk and maximize returns.
Stable YAP icon crypto portfolio
~ 27% per month
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BITcoin (btc)
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ethereum (eth)
crypto portfolio
Dual Investment with Expiration Date
rebalancing crypto portfolio
crypto portfolio
Cryptocurrency Autotrading

Altcoin Accumulation

Increase your assets and expand your portfolio plan by going beyond Cargio and accumulating altcoins.

Monthly rebalancing of auto-investment plans

Rebalancing involves Purchase and selling a portion of index-linked crypto assets in order to settle the weight of each asset according to the current quotes.
portfolio equalizing

Accumulation Optimization

Rebalancing of auto-investment plans is performed on a daily basis in automatic mode.
returns optimization

Flexible customization

Flexible auto-investment customization systems can react to changes in the market and automatically adapt to new conditions. This contributes to more efficient portfolio management and risk minimization.

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Availability of different types of coins and products gives ample opportunities to increase profits.
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Control the balance

Through monthly rebalancing, the weight of each asset equates to the structure of the Cargio index.

Store assets

Functional wallet with automated transactions and anonymous encryption keys.

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