Grow with Cargio

Ambassador Program

Advanced affiliate bonus and team building system for the company's ambassadors.

Participate in and manage your own affiliate team in your personal account.

blur blue Team Management
Linear bonuses
from 5%-2%-1%
blur pink

Become a Cargio representative and build your own team

Directions in the development of the Ambassador Program

Building a Team
Invite friends and partners
Get bonuses.
To 15%
Trade Turnover
Increase trade turnover for career advancement.
Get bonuses.
from 50 USDT
Representation Programs
Get a license to open a representative office.
Lots of rewards.
Licenses, vouchers and more

Get access to Cargio's Ambassador Program in your personal account

Check out Cargio's Ambassador Program, which is a unique opportunity for our employees to show their dedication and enthusiasm for the company. Our Ambassador Program is based on the principles of active participation and leadership, with the goal of strengthening our brand identity and building Cargio's favorable reputation internationally.

The Cargio Ambassador Program provides our employees with the opportunity to become the face of the company and its committed representatives in the community.Program participants gain access to exclusive opportunities such as participation in events, conferences and seminars on behalf of the company, as well as involvement in partnership projects and initiatives aimed at strengthening our reputation and attracting new customers.

The main benefits of the Cargio Ambassador Program:

  • Brand Popularization: Cargio Ambassadors get the opportunity to represent the company at various events, increasing its visibility in the business community and the public.
  • We appreciate your efforts and commitment to achieving outstanding results. For each new level of achievement, Cargio's automatic ranking system provides additional bonuses and privileges.
  • As a Cargio Ambassador, you have the opportunity to participate in exclusive partnership agreements and promotions that provide you with additional financial growth and privileges in the company's ecosystem.
  • As a special privileged Cargio Ambassador, you receive personalized financial consulting from Cargio experts. This will allow you to optimize and expand your investment portfolio and get personalized financial tools to increase the return on your assets.

Becoming an Ambassador
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