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Cargio is an infrastructure provider changing the ecosystem through high transaction speeds, a generator of products, digital assets, infrastructure solutions and decentralization.

Our infrastructure ecosystem brings together the best of the cryptocurrency world, empowering each participant to expand their assets, gain entirely new experiences and increase their level of engagement.


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Every second, the Cargio platform generates revenue for its participants. The ecosystem has engaged the weightiest players in the crypto market and has a stock of 7 000 000 tokens

170 000+
Users of the Cargio platform
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Cargio Blockchain Services

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Trading Terminal

Allows you to trade cryptocurrency pairs in real time without additional commissions with instant profit withdrawal.

Dual-invest pairs

Dual investments allow you to make double profits from the rise or fall of the underlying asset after the contract's expiration date.


A unique grid trading system with adaptive algorithms and reports allows you to generate income without any experience in trading.

Cargio token is the future of Web 3.0

Coins are burned every month by PoB
Tokens redeemed every month from liquidity pools
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