Cargio's Development History


Transparent business model and current developments of the company.

The history of the company's creation and formation, as well as future plans for Cargio's development.

The company's plans are being added to the roadmap as all functionality is implemented on the Cargio platform.

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  • IT Consulting: development and systems integration
  • Development and implementation of information technologies for solving business problems
  • Development of software products and creation of new technological solutions
  • Professional consulting in financial and technical spheres, designed for large-scale corporate enterprises
  • Extended IT outsourcing contract with HSBC
  • Global reconfiguration of Cargio strategies
  • Modeling an integrated financial development concept


  • Creation of new solutions in the field of secure Blockchain-technologies
  • Development of software and hardware cryptographic tools
  • Optimization of digital business transformation strategies
  • Expanding the range of technological solutions in the field of information security
  • Analyzing and developing Blockchain 2.0 technologies
  • Ethereum Blockchain research
  • Development of smart contracts and dApps
  • Updating IT Security Systems Architecture
  • Opening of Network Security, Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Department
  • Exploring Blockchain technologies and Big Data


  • Adapting Cargio's organizational structure to DeFi systems standards
  • Defining Cargio's market areas and software solutions
  • Improving security systems for payment gateways and user accounts
  • Analyzing price delivery in the foreign exchange market
  • Development of Cargio Core Trading Engine
  • Developing a conceptual model of a crypto trading terminal for the Cargio ecosystem
  • Analyzing the industry and finding new ways to improve the efficiency of Cargio systems
  • AI test developments
  • Neural Network Modeling Method Analysis


  • Optimization of security systems in the activation of payment gateways
  • Development and testing of innovative trading algorithms in the Cargio ecosystem
  • Integration of ETF contracts on the basis of Cargio
  • Expanding the range of assets available for trading
  • Reforming formal entitlement authorizations
  • Development of Cargio's proprietary AI DaSush
  • Improving and optimizing the core of the trading terminal system
  • Development of Cargio token (CRG Token)
  • Formation of marketing plans and advertising strategies


In Process
  • Conceptual rebranding of Cargio's online platform
  • Regulation by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Obtaining authorization to carry out financial activities under the jurisdiction of the UK
  • Certik Audit
  • Expansion of Cargio's global presence on the world stage
  • Confirmation of the company's compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 standards by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission
  • Completion of the SOC (Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification process
  • Development of the Cargio smart contract
  • Cargio ecosystem and token
  • L2 protocol development and integration
  • Prototyping a mobile application for Cargio's Android and iOS platform
  • DDoS defense using AI technologies
  • Cargio Change - cryptocurrency exchange/internal exchange


  • API for cloud service integration
  • Index AI robot
  • Cargio premium subscription with additional functionality and features
  • Launch of mobile application for Cargio platform on Android and iOS
  • Enhancing automated trading using AI
  • Integration of Cargio smart contracts
  • Cargio Marketplace Beta
  • Introduction of progressive commissions to reward market makers and traders with altcoins and large volumes
  • Expanding the multi-chain ecosystem with promising and in-demand networks
  • Implementing Coinfirm's AML/CFT platform to further enhance AML/CFT standards
  • Launch of IEO Mission Control
  • Technical improvement of the platform security system in accordance with current standards and anti-phishing protocols
  • CRG Listing


  • Cargio Cryptoacademy (training library)
  • Launch of Cargio Metaverse with AI, NFT and dApps integration
  • Establishment of the Cargio Research Institute
  • Activation of developer functionality providing APIs, technical data for back-testing, and AI tools
  • Development, testing, and implementation of technology solutions in cloud mining
  • Developing proprietary software for secure web surfing using AI technologies
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Cargio received SOC 2 Type 2 certification (a security standard that provides an independent assessment of cybersecurity risk management controls) and ISO 27001 certification (an international standard for security programs that requires controls in 14 areas).